About the Gearstones Charity

Gearstones Lodge is a registered charity based in Mirfield, Kirklees. It was formed when the residents of Mirfield purchased, by public subscription, Gearstones Lodge buildings and grounds which are situated in the Three Peaks Area of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, some 60 miles from the charity base.

The lodge and attached cottage are used to provide residential accommodation, for all sections of the community, who wish to participate in a whole range of outdoor sporting activities available at natural venues throughout the Dales.

Whilst large groups, small groups and families throughout England use the facilities, our main catchment area is Yorkshire and Humberside, in particular Kirklees, Calderdale, Wakefield, Bradford and Leeds.

Headed by four longstanding Patrons, the charity is administered by a 11 strong management committee, elected at an Annual General (public) Meeting, and is representative of a wide section of the community it seeks to serve.

Our “Friends of Gearstones” group provide additional support to groups and in maintenance and refurbishment of premises and facilities.

Five elected officials, Chairman, secretary, Treasurer, Manager and Booking Secretary have a responsibility for the day-to-day running of the organisation.

Management Committee incorporate four sub committee, Corporate & Fund-raising, Building, Health & Safety and Equal Opportunity who deal with relevant matters. The Charity has no paid employees.

We are a “stand alone” organisation, income being received from user bookings, donations, grants and fund-raising efforts.

Whilst the lodge caters for large groups of up to 40 persons, the cottage provides room for small groups or families and are independent of each other. Their use is exclusive to booking groups and not available as a “walk in” hostel.

Participation in sports activities is by far the main attraction for visitors but use is becoming more varied and now includes family gatherings, study groups, bell ringers practice weekends, Princes Trust training, photography, ski club, instructor training and reunions.

Management are ever mindful of our constitution, aims & objectives and endeavour to maintain charges at levels which are affordable to all, actively encouraging minority groups, families, the disadvantaged and persons with a disability.
We are currently working on a rolling development plan to improve the facilities and refurbish the premises. We are now close to completing the refurbishment of all the bedrooms.

Since 1992 we have achieved major strides forward and many improvements have taken place, we still have a considerable way to go.

Skilled volunteers and local qualified contractors where appropriate carry out the majority of the work. This ensures that we achieve value for money out of our limited financial resources. Renewed efforts are made each year to secure additional funding to finance our developments programme and each year we make a little more progress.