Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow pets?

Unfortunately pets are NOT allowed in either the lodge or the cottage. Due to the location of the property we have to consider the farm land and livestock that surround the grounds, as well as potential allergies of our next guests.

Is there any parking?

There are a limited number of parking space across from the lodge. Please take care when crossing the road, as it can be busy with traffic travelling at high speeds. Please note that access to neighbouring properties at the front of the lodge should be kept clear. (you’ll know about it if you don’t!)

How many people does the lodge/cottage sleep?

The lodge sleeps a maximum of 40 guests and the Cottage sleeps a maximum of 6.

Do you supply bedding/towels?

I’m afraid we don’t. You will need to bring your own sheets/duvets/sleeping bags and pillows. All beds do have bedsheets on them but we advise that you also bring your own.

How do I get in contact with someone staying in the Lodge?

The phone number for the lodge payphone is 01524 241449.
Please note this number is not for requesting information on Gearstones – please use the information provided on the ‘Get in Touch‘ page.

How do I request more information about Gearstones?

We have documented a great deal of Gearstones’ history on this website.
Find out more via the ‘History‘ page.

Information on the lodge and cottage can be found on our ‘Information for visitors‘ page.

Alternatively, please use the email provided on the ‘Get in Touch‘ page.

How does the heating/hot water work?

The heating and hot water are controlled using timer boosters. 30mins, 1 hr or 2 hr boost are available after which they reset.

We recommend boosting the hot water upon arrival as it can take unto 45mins to get up to temperature.

What is the current price for the Lodge?

The lodge has a minimum charge of £400 per night (first 20 guests), with additional guests charged at £18 per person per night, to a maximum of 40 guests.

What is the current price for the Cottage?

The current cottage price is £100 for 1 night, £170 for 2 nights, £70 per additional night.

Is there an information pack with my booking?

We have information packs for both the Lodge and the Cottage. You can find everything you need to know on our ‘Information for Visitors‘ page. Feel free to get in touch with any other queries.

When do I need to pay the final balance?

We kindly ask you to pay the final balance two weeks prior to your stay. Once payment has been received we can send through the key safe code.
Please note that Cottage bookings require full payment at time of booking, whereas for the Lodge we only need a deposit to secure your booking. Both payments will be due a week after your initial booking.

Can I pay the final balance via invoice?

If you are a business, you may requests to pay the balance via invoice. Please contact the booking secretary on email:

How do I gain access to the lodge or cottage?

We will send you an access code for the key safe about a week prior to your stay.

(Your final balance needs to have been payed in full before we can send out the code.)

Is there really a ghost?

According to the visitor book there have been numerous “sightings” of a blue lady. (The Ghost)

“One of chairs moved in the ‘Gayle’ room and someone heard heavy breathing in the ‘Curlew’ room and strange footsteps in the ‘Pen-y-Ghent’ room. Also strange feelings felt by a few people on the bottom corridor near the downstairs toilets near to the cottage. All added to the excitement of the weekend”

What is the postcode for the Lodge/Cottage?

The postcode is LA6 3AS.

We can also be found on What Three Words: ///bunk.salt.baseballs