Information for Visitors

Ground floor layout

On arrival entrance should be gained via the main entrance door into the lobby, where a payphone facility is situated, then into the main hallway where the Health & Safety notice board and Fire Alarm System can be found.

In the hallway on the left is the Information Room. This can be used in the first instance as an arrivals/departure area for personal luggage keeping the corridors free. Information on activities and events in the Dales live here. This room is an ideal briefing area before departure onto the fells.

A well-equipped Kitchen with a large LPG gas cooker services two large dining rooms.

Comfortable seating can be found in the two lounges, where the main lounge French windows open on to a balcony with a fantastic view of both Pen-y-Ghent and Ingleborough. The balcony leads down into the back garden of the lodge.

Toilet and shower facilities are housed in the annex adjoining the secondary stairwell which also leads out to the education unit/games room via the rear emergency exit.

IMPORTANT: When using this door, please ensure it is locked up again using the lodge key when leaving.

Education unit / Games room

The games room/education unit is located past the cottage and contains both a pool table and table-tennis table, along with chairs and tables. By default the room is set-up for playing games, but the table-tennis table can be folded up to provide more room.

A pull down projector screen is available if required although we do not provide a projector. If you wish to use the room for educational/training/viewing purposes please bring your own equipment.

First floor layout

The first floor offers eight bunk style rooms, which vary in size sleeping between two and eight persons, providing accommodation for up to forty people. The floor is split into two corridors, each with toilet and shower facilities. You may wish to allocate them as ‘male’ and ‘female’ depending on your party / requirements.

Room configurations:

Curlew: 2 beds (2 singles)
Winshaw: 8 beds (4 bunks)
Whernside: 6 beds (3 bunks)
Gayle: 6 beds (3 bunks)
Thorns: 6 beds (3 bunks)
Cuddy Gill: 4 beds (2 bunks)
Selside: 4 beds (2 bunks)
Pen-y-Ghent: 4 beds (2 bunks)

The cellar layout

The Cellar has been geared up for the outdoors. When returning from activity access should be gained via the Wet Entrance at the side of the Lodge, which leads into the cellar changing area.

A drying room is available in the cellar for wet clothing. The drying room has background heating, with the optional turbo booster and dehumidifier charged by a 50p meter.

There’s plenty of space to securely store your mountain bike(s) if this is part of your activity during your stay.

The cellar also contains the boiler house and pump house for the bore hole. (out of bounds)

The Lodge Equipment

  • Fully Equipped
  • Large LPG Gas Cooker
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerators & Freezers
  • Water Heater (wall mounted) & Kettle
  • Toasters
You will need:
  • Washing up liquid
  • Tea Towels
  • Dish Cloths
  • Brillo Pads etc
  • Toilet Paper
  • Dust Bin Liners
  • Small Pedal bin Liners
  • Torches
  • First Aid Kit
  • Matches (to light stove)
Cleaning store:
  • Henry Hoovers
  • Mops and Buckets
  • Stiff Brushes
  • Soft Brushes
  • Dust Pans & Brushes
  • Disinfectant
  • Kitchen/Bath/ Shower Cleaning Sprays
  • Bunkbeds and Mattresses (with covers)
You will need:
  • Own sheets recommended for the bunkbeds
  • Sleeping bags, duvets and/or blankets
  • Pillows
Education unit:
  • Pools Table
  • Table Tennis Table

Although we do supply some table tennis bats and balls, as well as pools cues, they’re not the best so you may wish to bring your own.

House Rules

  1. Smoking is prohibited throughout the premises.
  2. Alcohol should not be consumed on the premises by those under the legal minimum age.
  3. A sheet should be used to cover all mattresses.
  4. Should the premises be left unattended at any time make sure that all doors and windows are closed and locked.
  5. No food or drink to be taken onto the first floor.
  6. Persons staying in the adjoining cottage have no right of access unless in an emergency or permission granted.
  7. The meadow area at the bottom of the rear gardens is out of bounds, bar the use of the public footpath to traverse field.
  8. Groups must be made aware of the Country Code and Safety on the Hills relating to the Gearstones area
  9. The lighting of all fires and barbecues in the lodge grounds is prohibited.
  10. Please keep noise to a minimum after 9pm, despite the remote location we do have neighbours.
  11. Animals or pets are not allowed in the premises.

Car Parking

The lodge has its own car park. The space is limited providing parking for up to 12 vehicles. (tightly fitted). There’s room for two cars in front of the lodge, however, if the cottage has guests, they have priority over the space in the corner. Overspill parking can be found road-side past the lodge towards Ribblehead.

Access to the neighbouring cottages next door must not be restricted at any time.

On Arrival

On arrival access should be gained via the front door. Please use the information room as the luggage handling area, keeping the corridors free in case of emergency. The party leader must take time to read the Health and Safety notice board located in the entrance lobby, and must ensure that ALL members of their party are aware of procedures as soon as possible on arrival.

A Fire Register must be completed and kept up to date in case of building evacuation. The party leader should then make a preliminary check of the premises and note any defects on the Fault Sheets provided.

Before Departure

You are asked to leave the premises clean and tidy in readiness for the next visitor. The aim is to leave the premises as you would wish to find them. By doing so helps keep our prices as competitive as possible, without the need to employ additional cleaners.

Please return any items moved back to their original places.

Please empty vacuum cleaners after use and return to their stores and empty all rubbish into the bins outside the Lodge premises.

Please note the covers for the mattresses should be left on.

On your FINAL CHECK of the premises:

  • Make sure all areas are clean and tidy.
  • Windows and doors are locked and secured.
  • All lights switched off.
  • Insure the heating in the education unit is left as instructed
    (see notices in unit).
  • The cooker and its gas supply are both switched off along with the water heater unless asked to leave them on if another party is due in the lodge the same day.
  • Report any faults or damage on a Fault Log Form provided in the information room.

Your co-operation all these matters will ensure that a high standard can be maintained, keeping running costs to a minimum, which reflect in the letting charges.

General Information

Fire alarm system:

The Fire Alarm System is situated in the entrance hall; the system covers all areas of the centre: including the cottage.

Please note that the system does not have an automated link to the fire service, and that if required you will need to dial (9)999 and ask for the fire service.

First aid:

Gearstones Lodge no longer has its own first aid kit – groups are recommended to bring their own kit.

Heating & hot water:

The centre is fully heated throughout by LPG gas central heating. The system (including hot water) operates on booster switches situated in the small lounge adjacent to the kitchen, and education unit in the corner opposite the entrance. The switches operate on 30min, 1 hour and 2 hour timers. Please note it may take up to 45 minutes for the hot water to heat up.

Electricity supply:

The main electricity supply is situated in the cellar boiler house. This area is out of bounds. If you do have any problems, please contact support. Should a fuse blow or trip out, the fuse boxes are situated in the downstairs corridor above the main lounge door and upstairs above the door of the ‘Selside’ bedroom.

Septic tank:

The septic tank will only accept BIO DEGRADABLE WASTE. Sanitary towels, Wet Wipes and Tampons of any sort should be placed in a bag and disposed in the dustbins. NO DISINFECTANT, BLEACH (unless bio-degradable) OR ANTI BACTERIAL AGENTS should be put down the sink or toilets, as this impedes the action of the septic tank.


On fine days it would be appreciated if party leaders will open windows to allow air circulation throughout the premises. Please ensure all windows are closed when the lodge is unoccupied.

Mobile phone reception:

Please note the Cottage and Lodge buildings are located in a black spot for mobile phone reception, as such most mobile phones will not be able to connect. There is a payphone situated in the entrance way should you need to make any phone calls.


We provide free unlimited access to wireless broadband with standard content filtering to help block inappropriate websites. See notice boards for further details.

Please note that the streaming of ‘live’ television requires an appropriate TV license which is not provided by Gearstones Lodge. Personal TV licenses are only valid providing the device is being powered by batteries and not plugged into the mains electricity supply.

Insurance & liability:

Gearstones Lodge Charitable Trust accepts no liability what so ever for damage, loss or injury to persons, property or vehicles on or around the Gearstones Lodge complex. A responsible adult (ages 18 years or over), must accompany any persons or group wishing to stay at the centre.


Any damages must be reported and made good at the expense of the party organiser.

Support / issues

If you encounter any problems, faults or have any questions whilst staying at the centre, please contact a member of the Gearstones committee as listed on the Help poster on the notice boards.

Any member of staff on the premises whilst a party is on site will make themselves known to the party leader ASAP on arrival.

Building work:

The premises and grounds may sometime require refurbishment. Any such works will be made known to guests staying on the premises during these times. Where possible, building works are kept to a minimum whilst parties are in residence. Some works are of a nature or urgency where this may not be practical; in this case, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Lodge payphone number: 015242 41449

Gearstones Booking Secretary (Graham) 07590 679018


The management and committee sincerely hope you enjoy your stay and would welcome suggestions for improvements.

The Information above is also available as a downloadable pdf document for you to print or carry digitally, here: