From as early as 1661 through to the 2nd of June 1972, when the Lodge was purchased by the people of Mirfield and the Gearstones charity was formed.


Date Event
1661 Myles Taylor recorded as been born at Gearstones


Date Event
1700 1700 – Francis (I) is born.
1715 Francis Whaley (II) Born – Son of Francis Whaley (I) and unknown mother (Elizabeth Whaley?)
Apr 18, 1734 Elizabeth Whaley wife of Francis Whaley (I) died (Buried in Horton-in-Ribblesdale)
Apr 10, 1735 Francis (I) may have married for second time? Alice Burton in Ingleton
Jun 24, 1736 Alice Whaley bp Ingleton, Possibly daughter of Alice (Burton) Whaley
Apr 21, 1748 Francis (II) married in Clapham, Yorkshire to Ellen Lupton, the daughter of Johannes Lupton of Clapham.
Dec 23, 1750 Francis Whaley (II) is listed as being “of Gearstones” in the record of his son’s baptism (Francis Whaley III)
Nov 1, 1755 Francis (I) as widower married widow Agnes Tailforth in Ingleton[witness to marriage was Francis(I)’s other son William Whaley, mentioned in Francis (I) will].
Mar 21, 1761 Francis Whaleys (II) son John Whaley is baptised in Horton-in-Ribblesdale.
1770s? Ingleborough Estate bought by Farrer family
Jun 5, 1774 The will of Francis Whaley (I) is recorded in Ingleton.
Oct 10, 1780 Will of Francis Whaley (I) Proved
Jun 1792 John Byng & Mr Blakey stay at ‘a public house called Grierstones’


Date Event
Feb 24, 1801 Ellen Whaley (wife of Francis(II)) Dies age 74
Dec 7, 1801 Francis Whaley (II) Died (Aged 86 running both farm and inn) buried at St. Leonard’s, Chapel le Dale
Jun 26, 1802 John (brother of Francis(III) marries Ann Lodge in Ingleton
1804 Francis Whaley (III) Will is written mentioning John Whaley (Brother) who married Ann Lodge
Jan 18, 1805 Francis Whaley (III) Dies aged 55. Leaves Gearstones to John Whaley [Father of Francis Whaley (IV)] in his will
Nov 23, 1805 Francis Whaley (IV) was baptised “of Nether Gearstones”
<1830 Francis Whaley (IV) Marries Mary Leake
1831 John Whaley Dies aged 74. Buried in Chapel le Dale
1843 Thistlethwaite is a resident at Gearstones
1851 Francis Whaley (IV) – Shown as Living Nether Gearstones
Widow Ann (Lodge) Whaley (Mother of Francis Whaley (IV)) recorded as living at “Nether Gearstones Cottage”
1851-1853 An OS Map of the Gearstones Area shows Gearstones Inn (site of current Lodge + Neighbours), Upper Gearstones (building at opposite side of the road to farm)and Gearstones – the farm.
1853 Geologist, John Phillips stayed at the Gearstones inn
1854 Widow Ann (Lodge) Whaley died circa 1854
1858 Ann (Daughter of Francis Whaley (IV)?) Marries John Yates
1861? Francis (1) Yates is recorded as Landlord of the Inn
1862 Isabella Yates Dies – Wife of Francis (1) Yates
1869 First surveying party from the Midland Railway Company stay at Gearstones (Inn?)
1871 Census lists two properties at Gearstones – a farm of 128 acres known as Higher Gearstones and the Gearstones Inn
Francis (IV) and his wife Mary living there along with their two sons William and Thomas – Higher Gearstones (Farm)
Francis (1) Yates is recorded as Landlord of the Inn
Jan 17, 1873 Francis Whaley(IV) Dies aged 66 Leaving behind a number of sons and daughters including possibly another Francis Whaley who appears on the 1851 census.
1873 George Young puts some “Nobel’s patent safety powder dynamite” on the kitchen fire
1876 Settle to Carlise Railway Completed
1881 Francis (1) Yates Dies
1891 William Metcalfe is recorded as running both Inn and Farm
May 29, 1892 Mary (Leake) Whaley dies aged 90. As usual buried St. Leonard’s Chapel le Dale.


Date Event
1911 Gearstones Closes as an Inn (Still part of Ingleborough Estate)
1943 Old Inn/Lodge? became shooting lodge, after the farming activity at it came to an end. Cattle sold off by Sidney James Farrer
2nd of June 1972 Lodge Purchased by the People of Mirfield and the new Gearstones charity is formed

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