Gearstones Lodge – 1980’s


While work initially went well, the vast amount of work required was underestimated and along with bad weather and various other factors the project soon started to drag on well past the original completion date of 14th of January 1980. The project was finally “completed” on the 18th March 1980, some 2 months later than anticipated. It is believed that the contractors picked up the extra costs involved.

Although the work was practically completed and the lodge was once again back in use, work continued during the times when the lodge was free and contractors could work.


Work continued, much to the dissatisfaction of the management. Not only was the lodge still very damp but many of the interior jobs had been done in the wrong order, mistakes where made and some of the work had to be redone. Records we have show that by the 2nd of October work was still continuing in the lodge.


Mirfield was only a small place, population approximately 16,000, and in reality could not provide sufficient users to make the Lodge financially viable enterprise, consequently it was vastly underused with income unable to cover running costs. Additionally a large capital outlay would be required to refurbish the Lodge and develop the Charity to consummate the constitution.

A move was made to wind up the Charity and dispose of assets.